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I chose real estate.

Before I chose to seek a real estate license, I have to admit, real estate agents never struck me as stand-up, community building individuals. When one watches or hears about real estate professionals making millions flipping properties or selling high-end listings, it’s hard not to think they are only out to make money. Even when you accept most real estate agents are normal, hard-working professionals, it is still difficult to believe they have your best interests in mind. So why would I choose to get my license and become a Realtor®?

For the last three years, I have worked part-time for the City of Rochester. This has not been my only experience in the City. In fact, my heart has always been with the City. I have spent my entire life here. What changed was my knowledge and understanding of how the City, its residents, businesses and other organizations relate and operate.

One thing I concluded is that real estate, in its varying states, functions and uses, is a vital indicator of the health of a community. I have seen first hand what investment of time and resources can do to improve the quality of life for residents and business owners.

I began to consider, how can I contribute to my community? How could I become involved in real estate in a way that would allow me to utilize my skills and abilities to build up my community while simultaneously be challenged and fulfilled? I finally decided upon serving my community as a real estate salesperson.